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GSA Golf are looking for prospective resellers, business partners and investors, world wide.

Due to our unique modular approach to marketing the products,

our extremely competitive prices

combined with our advanced infrared sensor and camera ball and club tracking technology,

and outstanding true 3D graphics software

GSA Golf simulators are becoming the world's best selling golf simulator.

GSA Golf resellers can be found in the following territories:

Florida, New York, California, China, Turkey, Germany, UK, France and Argentina

  • Reseller trade prices
  • GSA Golf offer between 20% to 50 % markup to resellers that purchase in quantity.
  • Due to the fact that we have reduced prices as much as we can, we can no longer offer any lower prices than those published on this web site for single system purchases.
  • Resellers are advised to bundle our software and camera systems with own sourced enclosures, flooring, PC's, projectors, screens etc and installation service fees to make great markups.
  • Reseller logos and branding
  • Want to brand our systems under your own name?
  • No problem.
  • To replace the GSA Golf logos in the software:
  • Edit the images files in the GSAGolf\System\ Flagscreen, BallLogos and MainMenu folders. Keep image types and sizes the same as originals.
  • To replace the GSA Golf name appearing in the Control Panel:
  • Edit the ProXsPreferences.ggs file located in the Data folder of the GSAControlPanel with Windows Notepad. Scroll down to the end of the file and replace the "User text" with your own company name.
  • Show-rooming and Internet sales

    A standard practice in these days of the Internet is a practice known as show-rooming.

    This is where a prospective customer will want to try and see the products and then - after possibly many hours of demoing and question answering from the retailer - goes away and purchases the product Online at a lower price.

    This is a big problem for most retailers of all products these days - not just golf simulators - and there isn't much you can do about it.

    In the golf simulator business there are now only a handful of resellers left as most purchases are now done Online direct from the manufacturer.

    Effectively, the golf simulator reseller as such is a dying species.

    The solution is to bundle the products and offer full enclosed and custom installations.

    Purchasing just the electronic components and software from us and sourcing all other products locally or manufacturing them yourself.

  • Whatever you do, don't do this!

    If you are a reseller/installer of golf simulator systems you'll need experience with the system before going to a customer's home or premises to do an installation.

    Over the years we've had quite a number of easy quick buck resellers on a tight budget purchasing our systems and attempting installations at the customer's premises without ever having seen our products. Whatever you do, don't do this!

    There are great margins to make on custom luxury home installations but please know exactly what you are doing before-hand.

    This will usually mean purchasing and installing a system at your own premises and going through all the installation procedures and learning how to operate the system to a near expert level.

    Only then - when you are absolutely confident and know the system very well - should you offer installations to customers.

  • Starting an indoor golf business?


    After finding suitable premises you'll have to make a decision on what golf simulators your indoor golf facility will feature.

    You can spend upwards of $50,000 to $90,000 plus on golf simulators these days so you have to be careful otherwise your Return on Investment might be very slow.

    Taking a case in point, check out one of our customers: www.GolfStudio.us.

    They wanted to convert 3 of their badminton bays into golf simulator bays to diversify and increase their business.

    They wanted top notch full feature $50,000 like golf simulators but spending the $150,000 for 3 bays just didn't make business sense.

    So they went with us and purchased 3 GSA CX2 camera systems at a mere $2000 each, added E6 software and built their own enclosures.

    Total savings were around $130,000 for the 3 bays.

    Now that makes business sense!

  • Business News
  • September 13 2014
  • GSA Golf moving up in the world

    Above is a screen shot of page 1 of a "Golf Simulators" Google search done today.

    Being consistently in number 4 position - above a lot of really big names in this industry - is even more astounding for us when we consider we do zero SEO. i.e. absolutely nothing. While others are spending vast sums to get to this position on page one.

    Note: The Buyer's guide is not a golf simulator manufacturer so is not included in the ranking.

    The number one position is held by a high-end golf simulator manufacturer with - it would seem at least - vast marketing and SEO budgets at their disposal. They make great products but in our opinion are not really number one. That, in our opinion, belongs to a company that starts with "A" - can't mention any names of course- but they seem to be slipping a bit in their SEO even though they have the best products on the market. Assuming you can afford the price tag.

    And then we have the two rivals in the low cost golf simulator pad market. These guys sell tens of thousands of their products a month - at least that is what I have been told by people in the know - so GSA Golf probably won't get anywhere near them but we're hard on their heels now with our latest product lines.

    Guess we're doing something right it would seem.

  • GSA Golf Asia

  • Exclusive Chinese distributor

    Dongguan Hongshi Golf Equipment Corp Ltd, of TangXia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

    Web site : weibo.com/gsagolf

  • Martin Gardiner

    Managing director of GSA Advanced Golf Simulators LLC

    Chief electronics and software development engineer

    Developer of the ProX & GSA / Red Chain and E6 Interface software

    and all GSA electronic and camera ball/club tracking systems

    GSA/GGSsystems in-house electronics development and production

    GSA systems in-house software development