GSA Golf Advanced Camera Technology Golf Simulators

Hi-end golf simulators without the hi-end price

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Tracking systems

PX Optical systems from $1,299 !     CX Camera systems from $2,999 !

Including TGC, E6 and RC game software

CX Surround 3D stereoscopic ball and club tracking

The CX Surround has all cameras and lights built into one long (8ft) case

CX2 Surround : $ 3,299

2 camera ball tracking - calculated club and ball spin data

CX3 Surround : $ 4,299

3 camera ball and measured club tracking - calculated spin and spin axis

CX4 Surround : $ 5,299

View camera images of your shots in the GSA Golf Control Panel camera windows

The floor mounted V cam measures ball vertical launch angle and ball speed

The ceiling mounted Hcam camera detects ball path for normal shots

Hcam ball path plus speed when putting

Ccam club path, speed and face angle

Custom hi-end golf simulator enclosures for all systems

from OptiShot, Skytrak, etc to GC2, FlightScope and TrackMan systems